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New York Times, July 26, 2017:

According to Ms. Lowe, “however this turns out, the Mooch wins.” The most recent addition to the Trump White House [Anthony Scaramucci] has faithfully carried out his duty to entertain the public, betray his internal “foes” and “enthrall” the president.

Wall Street Journal, February 22, 2018:

On April 17, University of Southern California student Tiana Lowe spotted a racist sign hanging in front of a student housing complex near campus. On a piece of cardboard, the words “No Black People Allowed” appeared next to a drawing of the Confederate flag and the hashtag #MAGA, for President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Ms. Lowe snapped a photo on her iPhone. In a story that day for the campus news site, the Tab, she questioned whether the incident was a hoax, writing that the sign had been hung by a black neighbor who was unaffiliated with the university following a dispute with the housing complex’s residents. USC’s Department of Public Safety said the man admitted to placing the sign. (The Tab, an independent campus news site, is partially funded by News Corp , owner of the Journal.)

New York Post, October 10, 2017:

“The USC School of Cinematic Arts will not proceed with Mr. Weinstein’s pledge to fund a $5M endowment for women filmmakers,” the university explained in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

The decision came not long after a petition was launched in an effort to stop USC from accepting Weinstein’s “blood money.”


The petition was launched by USC student Tiana Lowe on Tuesday under the title “Reject Harvey Weinstein’s $5 million foundation for the USC School of Cinematic Arts.”

New York Post, June 13, 2017:

This week marks the first anniversary of Omar Mateen’s massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, recalls Tiana Lowe at National Review. It was a clear-cut case of a self-identified “radicalized jihadist” committing “the deadliest mass shooting in American history, directly targeting the LGBTQ+ community in the name of a murdered Islamic State militant.” Yet the media are “unhappy with this narrative.” So they’ve instead “decided to pay tribute to the barbaric murder of 49 infidels with a ‘senseless violence’ narrative” — because the truth is too “inconvenient.” Says Lowe: That kind of “willful ignorance” is not only dangerous, it also leaves us “incapable of honoring the victims” by refusing to accept this hate crime’s real motive.

Los Angeles Times, October 15, 2017:

Like a politician in this predicament, USC had little choice. It was pressured to sever ties by a student, Tiana Lowe, who declared in her petition,”I’d like USC to finally muster the moral spine to refuse Harvey Weinstein’s blood money in exchange for its soul.” Fair enough.

Washington Post, August 31, 2017:

The cartoon drew swift outcry on social media. National Review writer Tiana Lowe called it “evil” and “despicable,” but she added that “the losers at Charlie Hebdo have a God-given right to publish it, & no one has the right to shoot them.”

Fox News, April 29, 2016:

“As reported by the Daily Trojan, not only would students have been able to hear from these titans of the game industry, they could have showcased their games to the panelists as well.

What a cool, possibly life-changing event for the students at USC. It would be a shame if people’s feelings got in the way…”

Breitbart Tech, April 29, 2016:

“Columnist Tiana Lowe of USC’s student newspaper, The Daily Trojan, accused the administration of prioritizing the demands of a few regressive leftists over a “valuable academic opportunity to advance the intellectual development for male and female students alike.” She claimed the administration ironically deprived female students from advancing their own education and networking opportunities by canceling the event in the name of feminism.”

Reason, April 29, 2016:

“Nevertheless, Tracy Fullerton—Director of USC Games—believes her decision to cancel the event puts USC “on the right side of history,” according to The Daily Trojan. No doubt she has struck a powerful blow against the patriarchy.”

TechRaptor, April 29, 2016:

The story was then picked up by the Daily Trojan, the school newspaper of USC, which published an editorial piece by economics and math sophomore Tiana Lowe on the cancellation. The piece noted that current enrollment at the USC Games department is nearly 50% women, and also provided a quote by USC Gaming chair and game designer, Tracy Fullerton, who stated “There was no perfect choice here. There was only the choice to stand for one set of values or another. So, I chose the path I believe in. You all are free to disagree, but I think it is the right side of history.”

Daily Wire, October 11, 2017:

The [USC’s] decision [to not accept Harvey Weinstein’s donation] came shortly after one of their students, Tiana Lowe, began a petition demanding they reject the cash.