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I published the following pieces, which range from exclusive interviews and breaking news to opinion pieces, as the Campus Editor of The Tab USC:

‘Why I’ll never date another Male Feminist’ – August 30, 2016

Unlike other men who actually are feminist, the self-identified, self-absorbed and self-gratifying Male Feminist acts as a Trojan Horse or Manchurian Candidate of feminism, using virtue-signaling to coerce and shame women to fit a specific mold of an “acceptable” feminist. Just like how not all white women who believe in the equality of women and men are “White Feminists,” the same goes for Male Feminism. In fact, the reverse may be true.

USC should take as noble a stand on free speech as U Chicago 

The list goes on, and most distressingly, authority figures at universities have been encouraging this outright rejection ideological and philosophical diversity. Instead of trying to engage with those dissidents in an attempt to reason or even convert them, universities are all too often  simply trying to block controversial thought. This stonewalling sets a surreptitiously but pointed precedent for ideological diversity intolerance, one which threatens to turn the courageous scholars of the Trojan Family into a blizzard of intolerance.

The DNC couldn’t remember the Pledge of Allegiance and didn’t acknowledge ISIS yesterday – Live from the DNC

Out of an alarming 61 speakers at the first day of the DNC, not a single one mentioned ISIS. After repeatedly lambasting last week’s Republican National Convention for fear-mongering and imposing a sense of “darkness” in political rhetoric (seriously, Google “RNC dark”; it’s almost like the media has been collaborating with the DNC or something!), the DNC decided ignore global terror as a threat entirely.

People are comparing this election cycle to that of 1968. Come on, though. With the Orwellian double-speak and dystopian collusion between the media and the political establishment, this is 1984.

No-one enjoyed the first day of the DNC more than Donald Trump

None of this is assisted by Trump’s steep spike in the polls. Trump, who had been locked under 42 percent since May, surpassed Clinton in a five point lead in a CNN/ORC poll released earlier today. This is no temporary post-convention bounce. Trump effectively wiped away Clinton’s 11 point lead, making his best mark since September of last year.

Bernie delegates shout down CA secretary of state at DNC breakfast

Although the emails did confirm that the DNC worked in favor of the Clinton camp, Sanders supporters echoed the fact that they successfully infiltrated the system in reverse, evidenced by the undoubtedly progressive party platform.

“They were saying that this is our most progressive platform ever. Pelosi just named off every single thing that Bernie Sanders was fighting for, and guess what? At the rules committees, not one Hillary person proposed any rules. It was just Bernie Sanders supporters, and Hillary people showed up with their little packets of what they were supposed to say,” said delegate Jonathan Schnitzer.

We talked to Gary Johnson at the RNC

“Maybe him saying ‘vote your conscience,’ maybe that was Gary Johnson he was talking about,” Johnson said with a laugh. “I’m always optimistic.”

And he has reason to be. Recent polls back both the popularity of his ideals (a WSJ/NBC News poll released earlier this week revealed that a majority of voters are in favor of free trade) as well as his unprecedentedly favorable third party candidacy.

‘Trump won’t make America ‘great’ again, he’ll make it French’ – May 17, 2016

The National Foundation for American Policy studied Trump’s economic policies and found that his tariffs on Chinese, Mexican and Japanese good would cost the American people $11,500 per household over five years. And as for those Trump supporters that laud him for looking out for the common man? Well, Trump’s tariffs are regressive, meaning that they’ll only pose a three per cent burden on the wealthiest 10 per cent of Americans’ disposable incomes while foisting an 18 per cent burden for the 10 per cent of lowest-earning Americans. A Trump economy will have much more expensive consumer goods on the whole, and like in the French economy, the costliness will place a greater burden on the working class.

‘The California Senate primary is somehow even crazier than the Presidential primary’ – April 27, 2016

Instead of being divided on party lines, a jungle primary, formally known as a “nonpartisan blanket primary,” pushes the two candidates with the highest number of votes regardless of party affiliation to the final ballot in November. This means that primary candidates get to skip the formalities of courting the party base and jump straight into extremity and, in many, many cases delusion.

‘Provost Quick’s email probably explains the tuition increase’ – April 19, 2016

‘USG Senate votes against impeaching Commuter Sentaor Jacob Ellenhorn’ – March 25, 2016

”Stop the Jew Hatred’ speech by David Horowitz met with protest’ – March 24, 2016

During the speech, which Dianti and her fellow protesters attending, sans signs but with tape covering their mouths while all holding hands, Horowitz directly to Dianti, not mincing words or holding back, calling her a liar and openly stating his intentions to pursue legal action.

While tensions were high, the protesters did not disrupt Horowitz’s speech, in which he presented his case in radical defense of Israel.

Horowitz summarized his argument to The Tab as the following: “Anyone who’s anti-Zionism is a Jew hater, even if they’re Jewish. If there was one black country in the entire world, and the National Liberation movement or the Nationalist movement that created that black country was attacked, what do you think all these Leftists would call the people who attacked them?”

‘Senate will reveal Jacob Ellenhorn verdict in 24 hours’ – March 24, 2016

‘The story behind the brand new Economics Association’ – March 15, 2016

‘EXCLUSIVE: USC investigated for gender-based discrimination against a man’ – March 13, 2016

‘EXCLUSIVE: USG Senator Jacob Ellenhorn fights back against impeachment charges’ – March 8, 2016

In an exclusive interview, Ellenhorn told The Tab USC: “These complaints are completely unfounded, and they’re just based on a difference of political beliefs.”

Regarding the success of his events – Yiannopoulos’s talk at USC has upwards of 56,000 views on YouTube – Ellenhorn said: “When you have events that question authority and the hegemonic nature of college campuses as I do, people show up.”

‘BREAKING: Possession of hoverboards banned in USC housing’ – March 4, 2016

‘Skateboarder hit by car on USC campus’ – February 24, 2016

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