USC Viterbi School of Engineering

I spent a year working for the corporate marketing and communications office of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, writing articles for their website, scripts for their podcast series, and editing short films. Below is a sampling of my work:

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth – Editor

‘USC undergrads take new approach to building refugee camps’ – January 20, 2017

With nearly 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey and little sign of the conflict dying down, the international community has been unable to establish standards for survival among refugees. However, a plan by Mikov and fellow undergrad Emir Ucer may change that.

The duo’s redesign — complete with a clinic, fire station, pharmacy, religious center, internal security and a school — is built around the idea of a refugee camp as a transitional site.

‘‘Real Deal @ USC’ provides USC startups a pipeline from innovation to interest’ – November 16, 2016

“Tonight there are three objectives,” said Gen. David Petraeus, who evaluated each pitch, in his opening remarks. “One is to look at these startups. The second is to further the relationships of the people in this room. The third is going to be facilitated by what we’re doing here, and that’s USC’s contribution: It’s what’s known as SCilicon Beach, and that’s with an ’SC.”

‘A hackathon created by and for women’ – April 28, 2017

Kelly Lampotang is used to being the girl. Not a girl, not one of many or even one of a few. But the singular female on a hackathon team.

“In fact, I know girls who have never been on a team with another woman,” said the computer engineering and science major at USC Viterbi.

Now Lampotang and a fellow cadre of undergraduates have organized Athena Hacks, a hackathon where they were among hundreds of only women.




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