National Review

I have written nearly 50 pieces of political commentary and reporting for National Review. For an exhaustive list of those articles, you can check out my author page. Below, I have excerpted a sampling of my work:

‘That Joe and Mika New York Magazine Cover Is Why Everyone Hates the Media’ – July 26, 2017

You may be one of the five Beltway or Upper West Side residents interested in reading about Mika and Joe’s love affair or their pithy attempts to antagonize the leader of the free world. But the rest of the nation just sees reporters trying to be tabloid stars and picking fights with the president. Each frivolous, mean-spirited Twitter rant from Trump gets wiped out of the minds of skeptically centrist Americans when they see the press behaving like Paris Hilton instead of Walter Cronkite.

‘The Shameful Rewriting of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre’ – June 13, 2017

We must recognize those murdered in the attack, but “love” will win only if we recognize and vanquish the extremist enemy. We remain incapable of honoring the victims so long as the media continue to propagate this myth that the Pulse terrorist attack and hate crime was not a part of a global movement to forcibly and violently impose the will of a literalist, extremist interpretation of Islam onto the rest of the world.

No, hate will not divide us, if we stay smart and proactive. But willful ignorance? That will destroy us.

‘On Civil Asset Forfeiture, Jeff Sessions Is the New Kamala Harris’ – July 20, 2017

This is not your usual political mudfight. Indeed, before you cry “Never Trump!” consider, first, that the congressman who has most vocally denounced the practice, Darrell Issa, has been quite friendly with Trump. Moreover, opinions on this matter do not break down neatly along partisan lines. Before she was known as the eternally silenced, intersectional, resistance-princess-in-waiting, Kamala Harris was the relatively lackluster attorney general of California. And, despite selling herself as a progressive from Berkeley, Harris became famous for continually overlooking prosecutor misconduct and — you’ve guessed it — for becoming one of the country’s most aggressive proponents of civil asset forfeiture.

‘Ted Cruz’s Health-Care Solution’ – June 30, 2017

Cruz’s proposal is not just politically necessary, but also a vital and wildly relieving return to conservative policymaking that lowers prices and increases coverage by inducing supply rather than demand. The return of high-deductible, low-premium plans will bring young people back into the market without completely abandoning the few popular Obamacare provisions that gave older, sicker Americans better access to health care. The relaxation of regulations, though partial, will encourage more insurers to enter the market, increasing supply and bringing down premiums, at least in theory.

‘Keeping Up with the Mooches’ – July 28, 2017

Much like his namesake, the scaramouch, the Mooch masquerades as a useful idiot and a sly schemer, performing both roles while never forgetting to enthrall the audience and, most important, the boss. Today, the spotlight is off the dumpster fire that is the Senate’s health-care negotiations, and instead the Beltway class is fanning itself over the impropriety of Scaramucci’s lewd humor and “front-stabbing.” And so, however this turns out, the Mooch wins. He has entertained, shamed his foe, and impressed the boss — just as Trump’s favorites did on The ApprenticeMcKay Coppins at The Atlantic notes today that Trump favors surrounding himself with “mini-mes — hard-charging, bellicose big talkers who idolize their boss and labor to perfect their imitations of him.” One could take the point one step further. While Trump takes his steaks well-done with ketchup when not eating Big Macs and Filet-O-Fish, Scaramucci frequents Hunt & Fish Club for veal parmigiana, decked out in Loro Piana suits. In truth, he’s not really Trump in miniature. He’s a genuinely self-made Trump — a Freudian projection of the president’s deepest dreams.

‘Unpacking the CBO Score for the Senate Health Bill’ – June 27, 2017

Next year, a projected 15 million fewer Americans would be insured under the BCRA, the CBO notes, “primarily” as a result of the repeal of the individual mandate. Premiums for individuals buying from the non-group market would increase by 20 percent over what they would have been under the ACA. However, by 2020, the year President Trump would be running for reelection, they would be 30 percent lower under the BCRA than they would otherwise have been. The total number of uninsured Americans would rise to 49 million in the next decade, a 22 million increase from projections under the ACA.

‘Third-Wave Feminist Bullies Are Destroying Feminism’ – July 18, 2017

This sort of bullying, exclusionary feminism is not exactly winning over many young people. Teen Vogue, the newly converted bastion of intersectional, third-wave feminism, draws almost no teen girls. (According to data from comScore, the overwhelming majority of Teen Vogue’s Web traffic comes from visitors 24 years and older. Less than half comes from the 18-to-24 demographic, and virtually no visitors are younger than 18.) Sure, third-wave feminism indoctrinated a generation of bitter Millennial women, but the next generation does not seem too keen to mock any woman who wears a “girlie” dress. Third-wave feminism fundamentally defeats the very meaning of feminism as defined by previous generations, and younger women will continue to reject it wholesale.


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